Oh where, oh where has the mini games gone?

A long time ago, circa 2006, I came across much hulabaloo regarding a certain online competition in which very talented people created games for 8bit systems using a limited amount of program space. I think I played with some of the vic20 games, but not too much, and I certainly didn't vote. Around this same time I was expanding the foundation for BotB and thought the mini game competition would be a good fit. I, however, did not want to step on any toes thus leaving things as they were.

Recently I've been revisiting the idea and had a helluva difficult time thinking of any search terms to help me refind it. Whulp, that's because the competition has a transient history. I've done my best to trackback to the earliest variation. Mostly, I got my infos from the Commodore Software DataBase which has only the Comodore 64 entries archived. Below are the events and their respective homes.

As you can clearly see, I would like BotB to imbibe this tradition. Going forward, I don't see any reason why this would be a bad idea. I haven't tried to contact anyone yet. I don't really know who to contact. Who were the original hosts to this tradition?

But I digress, BotB is a webapp designed to host battles. It has succesfully kept an archive of all it's battles since it launched in May 2005. Call me crazy, but I'd also like to expand the formats to more contemporary platforms as well....

If you have any information regarding the history or archives of these battles please drop me a line at puke7@battleofthebits.org